Favorite Things

If Oprah can have a favorites list, Rachel wants one too. This is a page where she features her current obsessions, cake related and otherwise.


Ateco 612 revolving stand

This little baby is my bread and butter. Treat her right and she will work for you your whole life through.

Girl, wash your face

If you have not read this one, you gotta. Mrs. Hollis tells it like it is, and it’s just so good.

A great book about being responsible for your own choices, happiness and destination.

Uplifting and “get your butt in gear” inspiring.

ateco 1305 4.5 in. offset

Essential in cake decorating! Pair with the larger version and your can tackle most any frosting job!

make up setting spray

I am over the stove and oven all day, and in the Fresno heat to. This little product under $10 keeps my make up on ALL DAY. No joke.

My brows are on from 6:00am-8pm ladies, and that is pretty amazing!

wilton trim n turn

This is a great money saver. A fantastic turntable for the new cake enthusiast in your life.

bench scraper

The key to smooth buttercream sides. Well, this tool and lots of practice…

ateco cake decor kit

A perfect little starter kit for cupcakes and cakes. Don’t forget to buy pastry bags!