Back To School, and Back To Crazy!

This summer has been a good one. For the first time in two years, I scaled back my work load a bit and actually took the family someplace. 

We hit the beach, a few states, lots of family, too much food and lots of fun.

My husband has been in school since October 2016 and things have finally settled down. He has just started his dream job.

I started school again, because I am crazy. I have been listening to lectures for fun for years. This spring it dawned on me. Why am I not getting credits for this? So I enrolled my overworked booty in school again. May as well, right? This summer I took a few classes and this fall I have a full load.

A full class load.

A full cake load.

A full family load.

Because I am one of those people who really likes to get the most insanity out of each and every single day. 

So, now that the web page is back up, and school is starting, we can all get back down to business.

I have scaled back the days I can make cake, and have made reserving a date a little bit easier. I will be opening sections of each year for orders about 4 months at a time. The dates are in our shop, for reservation. You can reserve it by adding the date you want to your cart, and at check out, leaving a $15 deposit. Thats it. 

If the date is not in the shop, that means it is no longer available. 

I will announce booking via social media, so you may want to turn on your post notifications.

I am so excited for this fall and winter. There are lots of fun things coming up.

Thanks for your continued support! I couldn't do it without you!