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the people have spoken

Rachel’s classes are a riot. I lived, I laughed, I loved. And I learned to make a rad cake too.
— meagan merrill
Pictures don’t do it justice and it tastes so good it makes you wanna slap ‘yo mama!
— Maria Ramirez
Ordered a wedding cake and Rachel did exactly what we needed. Everything was perfect, and delicious!
— julie harrison
What to you put in these? Unicorn blood? Bits of real leprechaun? It’s the only explanation of how good this stuff is.
— ryan mcneil

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Rachel Dunston

About Rachel

the cake lady

Being raised by a British immigrant means that Rachel was raised with a lot of treats around. The Brits love their “sweeties”. Rachel was pretty much born knowing her way around dessert and all things sugar.

Rachel started by baking for her kids and family, then friends, and now for as many central valley friends as she possibly can from her bake shop inside Chocolate Wishes & Treats in Clovis CA.

She likes to hang out in the candy and toy aisles at Target and her house always smells like cake.

Rachel is addicted pellet ice, historical documentaries and fueled by caffeine. She enjoys staring at the wall in silence after her kids go to bed, sleeping, and all things spooky. She is a firm believer that Bigfoot is playing the worlds oldest game of hide and seek, and killing’ it. (kidding, not kidding…)

Rachel teaches classes, hosts events, raises kids and goes to school too.

If you want to get to know her, check out her Instagram stories. They are…special?